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Communication is a basic human activity to exchange information with each other. In particular, speaking is the easiest and the most straightforward way to communicate. With the Brain2Speech project, the team at the UBC Human Communication Technologies Lab aims to advance the state of the art of brain computer interfaces (BCI). THe main focus of this project is to by build and evaluate a new method to control an advanced 3D biomechanical articulatory speech synthesis using neural activation-based models. The end goal is to allow users to create speech and voice sounds through a speech synthesizer using advanced EEG signal processing.

Speech Synthesis

Producing a biomechanically driven articulatory speech synthesizer that contains the anatomical structure and function of a particular user. The aim is to create an interface where the user can control a virtual vocal tract to produce speech sounds by thinking.

Signal Processing

Using machine learning algorithms to process EEG signals, the team focuses on identifying locations in the brain where the control of muscles of the vocal tract are expressed.

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Sid Fels

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MASc Student

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